martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Lista de Publicaciones

Articles in English
-The Politics of Naming: (Inter)cultural Studies in De-Colonial Code”, Cultural Studies, in press, 2011.
- Development as Buen Vivir: Institutional Arrangements and (De)colonial Entanglements”, Development (Rome: Society for International Development), Vol. 53, No. 1, 2010.
- “The Plurinational and Intercultural State: Decolonization and State Re-founding in Ecuador”, Kult 6 - Special Issue Epistemologies of Transformation: The Latin American Decolonial Option and its Ramifications, (Roskilde University, Copenhagen), 2009.
- “Shifting the Geopolitics of Critical Knowledge: Decolonial Thought and Cultural Studies “Others” in the Andes”, Cultural Studies, 21, 2-3, 2007.
-“The Geopolitics of Knowledge and the Coloniality of Power. An Interview with Walter Mignolo”, Zehar, 2006. (
- “The (Re)articulation of Political Subjectivities and Colonial Difference in Ecuador:
Reflections on capitalism and the geopolitics of knowledge”, Nepantla. Views from south, 3.1, 2002.
-“The Ecuadorian Political Irruption. Uprisings, Coups, Rebellions, and Democracy”, Nepantla. Views from  south, 2.1, 2000, 171-200.
-  ‘Staging Encounters’: The Educational Decline of U.S. Puerto Ricans in [Post]-Colonial Perspective”, Harvard Educational Review  68:2, Summer 1998.
- “Critical Pedagogy: Why Do We Need It?” NABE News, 1992/93.
- “Fighting to Save Bilingual Education” (with D.Brugge) Unity, 1992.
- “Doing Bilingual Research in School,” Equity and Excellence  23, 1988: 32-35.
- “Schooling and the Civic Exclusion of Latinos: Towards a Discourse of Dissonance,” Journal of Education  169, 1987, 115-131.
- “The Construction of Meaning in a Second Language: The Import of  Sociocultural Knowledge,” Journal of the National Association for Bilingual Education  11, 1987, 141-152.
- “Language, Meaning, and Voice: Puerto Rican Students Struggle for a Speaking Consciousness,” Language Arts  64, 1987, 196-206.
- “The Phenomenon of Educated/Educado: An Example for a Tripartite System of Semantic Memory,” Bilingual Review 10, 1983, 33-40.
 - “The Construction of Meaning in a Second Language: The Polemics of Family and School, TESOL Quarterly  17, 1983.

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